All my workshops and activities use car parts and tires. TREAD ON IT!, t-shirt printing, can be run as a workshop (Art Centre) or activity (festival).


    Solo shows throughout Ontario and New England.


    Classes and funded residencies. One day printing t-shirts with car parts and tires to multi-week residencies creating student designed and executed mini public art projects.


    Masks made from car parts and shovels. . I manipulate the materials extensively and often add multi-layered textured paint surfaces.

I live in Kingston, Ontario. Mostly, I’m a sculptor using car parts and car generated patterns.  This video was shot at Flying Pony Gallery in Toronto  and is courtesy of  Green Majority Radio www.greenmajority.ca  This is a mask show. I try to work quickly with the masks letting the materials speak to me rather than imposing my “images” on the materials.

I developed TREAD ON IT! ( a t-shirt printing workshop) partly our of a sense that I wanted others to have a way to access the beauty and intricacy of car parts and tread patterns and partly because I want all of us to be more aware of cars.  TREAD ON IT! started in 2010 and has been constantly evolving since then.  This video shows TREAD ON IT! run as an activity in Decatur, Georgia.