DETROITUS MASKS and TRAITS (Photography of masks on painted backgrounds)

YOU CAN FIND MY WORK AT:  and at ARTA gallery (Toronto), Studio 22 (Kingston) and Dragonfly Arts (Orangeville)

DETROITUS MASKS ( available at both and are sculptural gesture drawings. By gesture I mean direct, without over-thinking. That doesn’t mean they are quick—that flash of response saying this mask’s nose needs more curve  requires more cutting, bending and welding.  When that alteration is complete, another may be needed–it may still not feel right. This face wants to be brought into the world and I am midwife with an angle grinder and a MIG welder.

TRAITS (available at are technically photographs of arrangements of my masks on painted canvas backgrounds. I prefer to think of them as mixed media pieces. The background canvases are large car-themed paintings I made largely in Watertown NY while waiting for our emigration to Canada (2009-2011).

Each photograph captures only a part of the canvas allowing multiple arrangements on each canvas. What emerges are multiple moods for each mask. For example,  BENNY is cooI on one canvas and crackling with energy on another. Please see MATERIALS page to view canvases

I work by response and not preconceived ideas. Car parts and shovels speak to me—if they stop speaking, I put them away until I find their voice again.

We’ve lost our landscapes to cars. There are too many of them. We need to wake up and see what we’ve done. Is this car-centric world, so dangerous to our planet, our health and our society, really the world we want?

The video below was produced by Green Majority Radio in Toronto