All my workshops and activities use car parts and tires. TREAD ON IT!, t-shirt printing, can be run as a workshop (Art Centre) or activity (festival).


    Solo shows throughout Ontario and New England.


    Classes and funded residencies. One day printing t-shirts with car parts and tires to multi-week residencies creating student designed and executed mini public art projects.


    Masks made from car parts and shovels. . I manipulate the materials extensively and often add multi-layered textured paint surfaces.

I live in Kingston, Ontario. Mostly, I’m a sculptor using car parts and car generated patterns.  This video was shot at Flying Pony Gallery in Toronto  and is courtesy of  Green Majority Radio www.greenmajority.ca   I try to work quickly with the masks letting the materials speak to me rather than imposing my “images” on the materials.

FOR SALE: TREAD ON IT! I am planning on selling this business in Toronto with this name and in Montreal with the French version of the name. Details can be discussed, but I strongly advise keeping the Toronto version in a 100km radius of the city. Same for Montreal. The video you see here as well as contacts, referrals and materials will be part of the sale. I would prefer to sell the business to someone with a strong “green” commitment. contact: jeffautomann@fastmail.com

I developed TREAD ON IT! ( a t-shirt printing workshop) partly our of a sense that I wanted others to have a way to access the beauty and intricacy of car parts and tread patterns and partly because I want all of us to be more aware of cars.  TREAD ON IT! started in 2010 and has been constantly evolving since then.