Video about DETROITUS MASKS was filmed at Flying Pony Gallery in Toronto and is courtesy of Green Majority Radio.


Available masks are shown here and also online at


Some may be at the following galleries:    Arta Gallery, Toronto. Artisan’s Alley, London, ON

PRINTS OF MASKS available at and (black or white backgrounds)

These masks are made mostly from car parts and shovels. Car parts because they are intricate and complex AND because I believe there are too many cars in the world so I make something benign from malignant components. Shovels because they are stamped into rich curving shapes very well suited to making masks.

I work by response and not pre-conceived ideas. These car parts and shovels speak to me—if they stop speaking, I put them away until I find their voice again.

We’ve lost our landscapes to cars. There are too many of them. We need to wake up and see what we’ve done. Is this car-centric world so dangerous to our planet, our health and our society, really the world we want? Also, 12 million cars are junked in Canada and the US each year so I have lots of car parts to work with.