The Boomers are turning sixty. We’re the largest population block in the country. We’ll never admit we’re getting older. To give up our driver’s license is death. There’s a good likelihood that we will live to be 100 so you can expect to see us on the roads for a long time yet to come. Develop patience, you’re going to need it.

Driven in Florida lately? Well that’s how the whole country is going to be. Learn to live with driving at 20 miles lower than the speed limit. Plan on taking a lot longer to get places. Turn signals will be irrelevant. Turning lanes of no consequence. Phantom cars seemingly driverless will be the rule. Driver inattention due to cell phone use will become as nothing compared to “senior moments” at the wheel.

It’s for your own self preservation that you need to get us off the road, but don’t think you can just get rid of us. We’re the generation that marched on Washington. We’re organized. You want us off the roads, you’re going to have to entice us off.