My art centers around sculpture created from car parts and painting based on car generated patterns. My work responds to these pieces and is more of heart than mind, more dance than dirge. Car parts have an intrinsic dance to me that I want to respond to without intellectual or narrative limitations. I am not simply using any found objects; I use car parts because I believe the car is the largely subliminal shaper of our world, and our cultural informer.



Mills Hardware 95 King St. East,  Hamilton (Sept-Nov)  This venue is only open during music shows.

Vesuvio Pizza 3010 Dundas St. West. Toronto  Month of October.

Tango Palace  1156 Queen East Toronto  Month of October

Jinks Art Factory  1164 Queen West Toronto Month of November

Queen West Art Crawl  Toronto  Sept. 22 and 23


HUNDERTWASSER MEETS OSHAWA Gallery A Robert McLaughlin Gallery through Sept. 23.

This project is based on Hunderwasser’s “Window Right” and was completed by residents of

Lakeview Housing, Eastdale CVI and participants during my residency at RMG (Feb. 2018)


My latest work is printing large fabric pieces (6’x 6′ or larger). I use an industrial filter fabric and using house paint combine printed car parts and tires with traced or enlarged images of car parts, tires etc. I’m also using text. Writing on this fabric is problematical so I will be block printing the text using actual letters and fonts from cars.


These Masks are mostly made from car parts and shovels.  Making these masks is an intuitive process. I may cut and weld multiple times. Though I do my best to grind off any sharp edges on the backside, I may miss some so please be careful handling the masks.